A Little About Us...

Sunrise Foundation is a church and community based organization. It is animated by the Spiritans, an international congregation of Catholic Missionary priests. The Spiritans came to Zimbabwe in 1984 and operate among some of the poorest and neediest communities in the country. We have, through over the years realized the growing problem of orphans and vulnerable children in the communities we serve. In 2001 we formally included the care of orphans and vulnerable children as an integral part of our missionary and social work.

We have thus worked out a holistic way of catering for orphans and vulnerable children by providing not only food, but also assuring that all other needs of the children are met. The needs include access to education provision of stationery is school uniforms and clothes.  We also provide psychosocial support for the children in the form of counseling and periodic organization of social gatherings for children.  The choice of orphans and poor children needing assistance is done in collaboration with the community where these children live. The assistance is given to the children within their immediate family environmental so that they can grow up in their own cultural milieu. The communities also provide Caregivers who play the role of foster parents for the children. They monitor the life of the children in such areas as health, school attendance and possible abuse or exploitation from neighbors. The caregivers are trained in their work by experienced members of staff.  They keep meticulous record on each child. the love, close attention, and material care given to the children eliminate the possibility of children resorting to street life for a want of food and basic needs.

We have come a very long way, the socio-economic hardship that led to the formation of the organization has worsened over the years. the orphans are increasing in number. a new disturbing phenomenon of orphans living on their own in what has come to be termed Child-Headed homes has come up with unsuspecting challenges. While the organization was trying to come up with effective ways of handling the growing number of poor children, food prices rocketed world wide.

In this website, we take a look at operations of the Sunrise Foundation over the years; the achievements and challenges encountered. the objective evaluation also takes a critical look into the future with a view to charting a new course of action in the face of ever-changing circumstances.

I also take this opportunity to thank our tireless members of staff, the extraordinarily dedicated caregivers and out well-wishers whose valued assistance has seen us through thus far. We also thank members of other organizations with whom we have networked over the years in our collective effort to build a better tomorrow for orphans and vulnerable children.

Fr. Sylvester Igboanyika C.S.Sp
(Director - Sunrise Foundation)

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